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DCU Realty's Home Buying Guide

How We Guide You Through
the Home Inspection

Your offer has been accepted at terms agreeable to the seller. But is this home really what it appears to be on the outside? How you arrange for your home inspection can determine whether this is a dream home . . . or a nightmare. Here's some tips how to proceed.

Arrange for the Home Inspection

Once you have an accepted offer, you will have a period of time, usually 10 days, to have any home inspections that you want done. It is advisable to have at minimum a general home inspection and to hire a licensed home inspector.

Do your research and get recommendations from your agent, family or friends. Keep in mind that there are endless types of inspections that you can have done on a home. However, all inspections are done at the buyers expense and each additional inspection that you order will be at an additional fee. Talk to your agent and your inspector to find out the common concerns in the area that you are buying. Figure out what is important to you and make an educated decision on the various home inspections that you order.

The Home Inspection Day

Go to the inspection! Follow the inspector around, ask questions and take the opportunity to learn about your new home. The inspector will look for major issues but also point out things to watch and provide you with some maintenance tips as well. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

Evaluating the Results of the Home Inspection

Home InspectionAt the end of the home buying inspection, you will receive a final report. With your agent, you should come up with a list of items of concern that you would like addressed prior to closing. Your agent will reach out to the seller and another period of negotiation begins. The seller can choose to address all, some or none of the items on your list. It is up to you to decide whether to more forward.

If any item is just too big or not what you expected, or if you cannot reach agreement with the seller, you have the option to withdraw your offer and get your deposit back. Hopefully everything is acceptable and you decide to continue forward.


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