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How We'll Negotiate For
the Best Price on Your Terms

After you submit an offer for a home, it's natural to receive counter offers. It's important to know how to handle the negotiation process. Here's some tips from DCU Realty.

You've obtained your verified pre-qualification letter. You've done your home search and have successfully located a great home at a price you can afford. But you're also looking for a great deal.

You've made an offer, but the seller counters with an offer higher than you'd like to pay.


Negotiation is Often Part of the Home Buying Process

The way you handle this negotiation will determine whether you purchase this home or continue your search. It may determine whether you get a great deal or stretch your budget beyond what is comfortable.

However, negotiation is often part of the home buying process and is normal. In many cases, offers and counter offers are exchanged between sellers and prospective buyers several times before an equitable price and terms acceptable to both parties is reached. This can be a daunting task to someone not experienced in the methods of real estate because in most cases the seller will have a professional negotiator in their corner in the form of a listing real estate agent.

But it won't be daunting for clients of DCU Realty.

Negotiation Principles

At DCU Realty, we plan for negotiations to take place, so we plan accordingly with our intial offer price. Our agents are experienced in the negotiation process, some even certified in it. We know the upper limits of your offer price along with your timetable.

Here are some principles of negotiation we use:

  • Negotiation is not something to fear, but to embrace. It means in most cases the seller is interested in the purchase of your property. In many cases, when an offer is made lower than the asking price, a counter offer can be expected.
  • A counter offer by the seller, after you made a lower offer than the listing price, can indicate flexibility in the price. for they are taking positive steps for the sale of their home, even if it is not initially what you desire. Both the seller's agent, and your agent want the transaction to proceed to completion. The more offers and counter offers that are made, the closer the two sides are to a successful home sale in many cases.
  • We negotiate for a WIN-WIN situation. You make an offer you can afford at a great price. The seller also receives a fair price with terms they agree with. This makes everybody happy.
  • As DCU Agents, we have a great understanding of the local market. We know what homes sell for and with what amenities. We counsel you to make offers that have a high likelihood of being accepted.
  • We often figure negotiations into the initial offering price. We know what your price range is and your timetable. We figure how much we can vary the bid based upon the market and your timetable.
  • We often have other means to make counter offers than price change. Our expertise in negotiation skills provides us with many alternatives in order to make the sale happen.

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Follow the link below to our agent page. View several agents who work in your area. Read our bios and testimonies. Notice also the sampling of homes we have sold. As we've helped many other home buy their dream home, we can help you.

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