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How We Help You Become Pre-Qualified

Pre-qualification is critical in the home buying process. A seller will not take your offer seriously without a pre-qualification letter. Learn how DCU Realty helps expedite your pre-qualification process through the financial resources at our disposal.

The Pre-Qualification Process

Before looking at homes, you should have an idea of what you can afford, what your monthly payments will be like and if there are any surprises on your credit report. Getting pre-qualified for your mortgage will address all these issues. In addition, once you find the house of your dreams, a pre-qualification letter will need to be submitted with your offer to the seller.

Before a seller agrees to sell you their home (and stop showing it to other potential buyers), they will want to know that you have the financial ability to follow through with your offer. Take this step first and be well on your way to finding and BUYING your dream home.

What's Needed to Become Pre-Qualified

DCU Realty has financial connections to help expedite your home buying process. Through our direct access to DCU Mortgage, we can expedite your pre-qualification letter which is necessary to be seriously considered as a buyer.

To receive a verified pre-qualification from a DCU Loan officer, items that may be requested are your W-2s, bank statement(s) and payroll checks for verification in addition to income/expenses/debt information.

Pre-Qualification Through DCU Realty

$500 backWhen you're pre-qualified through DCU Realty, you'll receive a letter that states you're qualified for a mortgage loan up to a specific amount. This indicates to the sellers you're a serious candidate and that your offer should be seriously considered because you have the financial resources to fulfill your offer. The DCU Realty pre-qualification letter gives you an edge over other buyers because it demonstrates to the seller you've been evaluated for financial worthiness.

At DCU Realty, we help you become pre-qualified. Just follow the link below to our pre-qualification form. Fill it out with all the important information and submit it to us. We'll process it and provide the necessary documentation to help expedite the process of your selection of a home.

Become Pre-qualified for a loan

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