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How We'll Determine Your
Home's Optimal Selling Value

Selecting the right price is crucial to maximizing your profit with a quicker sales time. Overpricing is the single biggest mistake a home owner can make. It's important to know how to determine the value of your home and the optimal selling price. Below you'll see the four significant factors DCU Realty considers to accurately arrive at your home's optimal selling value.

We'll look at four significant factors to determine the value of your home and your home's optimal selling price:

1. Recent Sales

comparative sold properties

Research starts with looking at properties that have sold in your neighborhood with similar characteristics. Our agents look carefully at the condition and the amenities of your house, then price it in accord.

It's important to note that the asking price of a property is not necessarily the selling price. One cannot look at listing prices to determine the value of a property. The actual selling price may be thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars different than the initial list price of the home.

2. Current Listings

Current listings are your competition. Other agents have priced these homes accordingly based upon house market values. Interested buyers will see your home listed among various other homes of similar characteristics.

At DCU Realty we price your home so that the amenities your home possesses reflect current market value.

3. Expired Listings

expired listings

These are the homes that have not sold within a specific period of time. This information is not readily available to the public, but it's available to DCU Agents.

It's important to understand why a property didn't sell at the listed price for the period of time it was listed. There are any of a number of reasons that could include: price too high, neighborhood characteristics, property condition, ineffective/nonexistent marketing plan, inflexible in negotiation, or any combination.

Because we visit many similar properties on the market, we can often determine the reason(s). We take what we learn from these properties to develop an appropriate selling price and effective marketing plan for your home.

4. Your Timing Needs

Different life situations will reflect different pricing schemes. For example, a retired senior moving into assisted living is usually less motivated to sell immediately than a family needing to relocate before school starts for their children. The senior will have more time to negotiate a better price.

At DCU Realty, we take into consideration the motivations you have for selling, along with time considerations and needed profits to arrive at an optimal selling price for your life situation.


A DCU Realty Agent will consider and compare all of these factors to arrive at a price that maximizes your profits, with a minimal amount of listing time. Often more than one agent will price a house, in order to make sure that the pricing figures we arrive at are accurate.

As mentioned above, the biggest mistake a home owner can make is to overprice. It's the single most important factor in getting the right buyers to view your home. Pricing is all about supply and demand. It's part art and part science, and no two agents price property exactly the same way.

DCU Agents are experienced in pricing homes to sell quickly. In addition, as we review the market and analyze the competition, we'll keep you updated on a regular basis.


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