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DCU Realty's Comprehensive and Personalized Marketing Plan

How We'll Help You Prepare
Your Home For Sale

The qualified buyer is attracted to the characteristics, price and pictures of your house. But unless you prepare adequately for the in person visit, it could be all for naught. Here's some of the ways we prepare our clients for the in person visit.

What Buyers Want

Buyers want a house that is neat, clean, and ready to be moved into. This is accomplished by cleaning, decluttering and improving the curb appeal. Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in the house. Anything that detracts will be a hinderance in the home buying process. The next two sections will give you tips to make your home the most appealing when a qualified buyer does a personal inspection.

How to Prepare the Inside for a Buyer Visit

home interiorClean, clean, clean again. Make your house sparkle. Nothing turns off a prospective buyer like a dirty or ill kept house. Your home needs to be neat, clean and tidy to make the best impression. Remember, if yours isn't, chances are that someone else's will be!

Add a fresh coat of paint in any rooms that need it. Clean out closets, cabinets, and bookcases. Throw away, donate or pack away as much as possible. Remember, at some point you are going to have to pack it, move it and unpack it again anyway. You might as well start now to make the best impression.

Remove large or excess furniture and put them into storage. You want to make your home to appear as clean, open and fresh as possible.

What do your rugs look like, if you have carpet? Make sure they are clean and fresh. Make hardwood floors shine. If you have animals, make sure there are no adverse signs of their presence.

What does your home smell like? The sense of smell is one of our strongest senses we have. If you smoke, take steps to remove the lingering odors. Give your home a sense of freshness when a potential buyer enters. Fresh cut flowers enhances both the look and fragrance of a room. Open windows if possible to air out your home.

Make sure there is adequate light in each place the buyer will visit, which prevents a look of drabness and gloom. Make sure you replace or repair any light fixtures as needed.

How to Prepare the Outside for a Buyer Visit

home exteriorIf a potential buyer pulls up and doesn't like the exterior of your house, they will most probably never go inside!

Look at your yard, the landscaping, the trim. Make sure the exterior of your home has an attractive appearance. Peeling paint or items needing repair will can turn off a prospective buyers before they ever set eyes on the inside.

Here's some suggestions to make the outside of your home appealing and attractive. Make sure you . . .

  • mow the lawn,
  • clean up the walk, and
  • plant flowers (as appropriate).

Make the outside of your house appealing so a prospective buyer has a positive sense of expectation as they enter the inside.


DCU Realty Agents have the expertise to market and "stage" your home when potential buyers visit. We'll recommend changes you'll need to make to give your home the best chances for sales. We thoroughly help you to prepare your house for sale.


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