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Market Analysis

Thinking About Selling?

Get a Free Market Analysis

Thinking of selling your home? Want to know what your home is really worth in today’s ever changing market?

Get a DCU Realty Free Market Analysis by a live agent!

Our Free Market Analysis is not comparable to various online home automated estimators that may or may not return accurate assessments of your home. DCU Realty will make a comparable marketing assessment with a live agent to set your home’s optimal selling price in order to minimize the number of days your house would be on the market.

If you don’t do an accurate comparable market analysis, there is a real danger of setting your home price too high or too low.

  • Set a price too high and your home may remain on the market far longer than is needed and in the end force you to lower your price anyway;
  • Set a price too low and you’ll sell your house faster, but you may deny yourself of sufficient gain.

Request a Free Market Analysis from DCU Realty via the form below. A DCU Realty agent will:

  • Personally evaluate your home;
  • Tell you what other houses like yours are selling for in your area;
  • Provide you with how long houses like yours remained on the market before they sold;
  • Provide you with the difference between the initial listing price and the actual selling price;
  • Provide you with selling options;

Yes, I am thinking of selling my home and would like a Market Analysis. Please have a DCU Realty Agent contact me with information on a Free Market Analysis!

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