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Joining DCU Realty Could Be the Best Real Estate Deal You Ever Do!

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At DCU Realty, We Do Things a Whole Lot Better!

As the in-house real estate agency for over 500,000 DCU members, DCU Realty agents have exclusive access to a large group of potential clients. Buyers and sellers throughout our Massachusetts and New Hampshire service areas receive professional consulting services and the convenience of one-stop shopping for all their real estate needs with a program designed to exceed expectations. Everyone wins when they choose DCU Realty.

DCU Realty offers full time agents a competitive split and doesn’t bury them in fees. Earn 70% on any leads you originate (50% on any leads DCU Realty provides you). We have no franchise, desk, copier or E&O fees! Nothing is deducted from your commission. And we pay commissions faster than any agency out there. DCU Realty pays agents a yearly production bonus!

Work virtually from your home office or partner with one of our high-traffic branches and grow your business through walk in business and branch referrals. We help with marketing and transaction management. We pay for many things that you need to run your business: signs, lockboxes, business cards, just listed postcards, Showing Time, E&O,, contact management, paperless transaction management, half of your closing gifts and much more! Our website promotes you so you can be more successful.

Our culture is one of service excellence where we believe we will only be successful by working together. We partner with each other, other staff and our branch network with the understanding that the more that we get the word out about the services that DCU Realty provides, the more business we will all get. We also give back to the credit union with branch referrals for mortgages, insurance and new members.

Our partnership with DCU’s Marketing Department and the resources of DCU includes:

  • monthly email marketing to the entire DCU member population,
  • targeted email communications,
  • combined promotions with the Mortgage Department,
  • member events, home buying seminars and focus days in the branches,
  • posters, flyers and other marketing materials designed by the DCU Marketing Department.

We focus the majority of our marketing on our 500,000+ members that are a captive audience and loyal to DCU.

DCU Realty agents

Do You Have What It Takes?

We are seeking qualified candidates for real estate sales positions. You must be licensed in either MA or NH, proficient with computers, MS Word, Excel, and using the internet.

Agents should dress and present themselves appropriately for their profession and provide character references. You must have a computer and email enabled cell phone.

We provide one-on-one training for newer agents along with regular refresher training, updates on new laws/regulations and guest speakers at our regular meetings to keep each agent abreast of the latest developments to help maximize their productivity.

We also showcase each agent's qualities. Check out any of our agents on the agents page. Notice the amount of material we present about each agent on their individual agent page which often includes:

  • a personal, written introduction by each agent letting prospective clients know what they are like,
  • a showcase of various properties where the agent has successfully either bought or sold properties,
  • testimonials where actual clients comment on the value of this agent in their real estate transaction,
  • featured properties they have listed for sale,
  • a "send me an email" form where a prospective client can directly contact an agent,
  • licenses and any specialties.

Contact Kim Chagnon, DCU Realty's Hiring Broker for more information.

DCU Realty agents

Current Openings:


Hours: Full Time, includes some evenings and weekends.

Locations: We have 21 branch locations and cover Central and Eastern MA, as well as Southern NH. Work virtually from your home office or in one of our branch locations.

This is the perfect role for an ambitious salesperson who is looking to develop their career in one of the most dynamic markets in the country. This position offers unlimited earning potential for individuals with the ability and drive to succeed.

DCU Realty agents

Note to Experienced Agents . . . Come Join Our Team!

It's hard to make a move — there are deals in the works, active listings, marketing materials, personal expenses . . . We make it easy to transfer to DCU Realty! In fact, you'll get just about everything you need to hit the ground running! We'll even help transitioning your listings and in-process deals — and ensure that your old broker is fully compensated where applicable. You lose nothing -- and gain everything!

Call us if you'd like to have a more enjoyable career every day!